How to apply for your Homestead Exemption

Orleans Parish

     A “domicile” is one’s permanent, owned residence. A person can have only one domicile. Every homeowner in Orleans Parish is able to claim an exemption from property taxes for the first $75,000 of value of their “domicile” or the home they occupy as their primary residence, guaranteed by the State Constitution. The Homestead Exemption is permanent for as long as the individual owns and resides at that property in Orleans Parish. Once you successfully apply for the Homestead Exemption, you do not need to reapply as long as you domicile remains the same.

How to file for a Homestead Exemption

     To claim a Homestead Exemption, a person must appear at the Assessor’s Office and present the following:

    1. Proof of ownership (Act of Sale or warranty deed)

      2. A valid Louisiana photo ID/driver’s license (address must correspond to property on application)

     3. A recent unpaid utility bill for that property.


Assessor Erroll G. Williams (504) 658-1300