The Witry Collective participates in the Loyola Executive Mentorship Program

The Witry Collective and Jeffrey Doussan of Keller Williams are co-mentoring seven Loyola Business Students over the next four years. 

The first mentoring session was held at The Shop at the CAC on Tuesday, October 16. Each guest speaker presented why they chose their career, what their work entails and how they have become successful. 

Guest Speaker List
Pam Meyer
The Shop at the CAC
Community Director
Domain Companies
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Adam Shipley
Hep Cat Entertainment
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Adrienne LaBauve
Witry Collective
Broker Owner/Agent
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Sophie Brunner
Witry Collective
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Mike Bertel
Inhab Group
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Julia Cavignac
IOR Destination
Relocation Specialist
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Jeffrey Doussan Jr
Keller Williams
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