Suzi Guy

Real Estate Associate / Realtor®

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Aubry Larson

Realtor® at Witry Collective

Aubry has always held an interest in architecture and homes, so when the opportunity presented itself to work with the Witry Collective, she was excited to delve into the world of real estate. With her diverse set of skills from her background in education and customer service, Aubry uses her resourcefulness, effective communication, organization, and multitasking ability in her administrative role at the Witry Collective.

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Al Sidhom

Associate Broker

Al Sidhom has been involved in real estate, in some capacity, since 1999. Over the last 20 years, he has renovated over 10 homes, managed over 25 properties and facilitated the transaction of over 100 sales. Al is driven by a passion for people and the hunt for a great deal; a deal where both parties come to the closing table satisfied. The pillars of his real estate practice are education and trust.

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Sophie Brunner


Local knowledge has its advantage in real estate and being a local is the foundation Sophie Brunner has built her career upon. Proudly born and raised in New Orleans, Sophie has a background in customer service and an affinity for historic homes and architecture. Sophie’s in-depth knowledge of the real estate process, neighborhoods, zoning ordinances, and historic housing regulations makes her an asset to buyers, sellers, and the Witry Collective.

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