Associate Broker, Al Sidhom has listed for lease the newly built “Bon Vi” apartments in the Bywater. The 69 total units are located on the corner of Burgundy and Montegut.

The project is managed by Green Coast & Iris Development and their mission for this project is one that aligns with Witry Collective’s core values of ‘housing for all’. The focus is on incentivizing residents of New Orleans, Bywater neighborhood business owners & their employees, black & persons of color, and creatives, to showcase the units before launching for the advantage of bringing majority locals into the property.

Al, and his business associate Suzi Guy, have brought Realtors Pamela Aponza and Nadia Lynn in as additional leasing agents for the building, and Creative Director Melinda Koslowsky, native to New Orleans, will spearhead the marketing and community outreach for the project.


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