Brett Rector featured in New Orleans Real Producers

Brett Rector featured in New Orleans Real Producers

For those who have met and conversed with our Broker/Owner, Brett Rector, you’ve likely had the opportunity to sit in awe of his storytelling, knowledge and passion for bestowing information upon open and eager ears. Along with his skillset of captivating an audience and delivering exceptional service and education to his clients, Brett’s commitment to his craft is as considerate as his vibrant, curated wardrobe.


The feature in the latest issue of New Orleans Real Producers Magazine (March 2022) is written by Dave Danielson and photos for the article captured Brett in his true element by Noel Marcantel.


You can read the article below to learn a bit more about our Broker Brett, and where it all started.




What do you do when you have dreams for your life? If you’re Brett A. Rector, you listen to them, pursue them, and see them through. 

As co-owner at Witry Collective with Katie Witry and Josh Walther, Brett is truly living out his dreams — while he helps others pursue and capture theirs. 


When you talk with Brett, it’s easy to see his honest, knowledgeable, and direct approach. 


“I like sharing my knowledge and dedication … to go above and beyond for our clients in terms of coordinating whatever they need … someone who will go to great lengths to help them through the process,” Brett says. 


“I take great pride in knowing as much about the property as I can … the style of architecture the home was built with, the architect, notable owners, and describing the historic features and elements in great detail. I love sharing that kind of knowledge.”


Getting His Start 

Brett is originally from Indiana. After attending Indiana University and studying journalism for a couple of years, Brett moved to Indianapolis where he began his career in hospitality.


In 1981, he moved to Chicago for ten years, continuing to gain more experience in hospitality. He also worked as an assistant for a salon owner, and he helped the owner manage her business. 

In 1991, Brett embarked on a new adventure and moved to Los Angeles. 


“In L.A., I worked for a restaurant corporation based in Tokyo. I helped the owner open his first U.S. restaurant,” Brett remembers. 


Moving Forward 

After 12 years in Southern California, Brett looked to his next steps in life. For the answer about where that would be, he followed his dreams. 


“The only other place I had ever wanted to live was New Orleans,” he smiles. “I contacted a friend of mine in California who put me in touch with a New Orleans REALTOR®, Martha Ann Samuel. I started working with her as my agent with the intention of coming to New Orleans.” 


For a time, Brett moved to Florida. However, all the time he was there, he stayed in touch with Martha Ann and the two talked about Brett’s home options in New Orleans. 


“Martha Ann was still working with me and she said I would be good in real estate, so I decided to give it a try,” Brett remembers. “Finally, in 2005, I found my house in New Orleans and arrived here in July — just a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit.” 



Crucial Crossroads 

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Brett finished his Louisiana state real estate licensing and started working with Martha Ann. Tragically, she passed away the day before Thanksgiving. Brett stood at a crossroads after all of the uncertainty, and now heartache, that had ensued. 


“I had lost my mentor, and I was in a city that was about 80 percent underwater,” Brett remembers. “But I made the decision to stay in a city where I knew no one and try to get a business started. I ended up working in a wonderful and supportive office environment.


That’s where Katie and I met. And now, here I am, 16 years later, with my own business.” 


The dream was more powerful than the hurdles Brett faced. “Being here in this city was a dream of mine, and I believed in seeing it through. It was really an important element for me to stay and give this a 150 percent effort to honor Martha Ann’s memory,” he says.


“It was my hope to do something that would acknowledge Martha Ann’s legacy … and I feel I have accomplished that.” 



Undeniable Passion 

The passion that Brett has for his work is undeniable … with a love for supporting his clients and team members in pursuit of their dreams. 


“We have a number of newly licensed agents in our office, and I really like sharing my knowledge and helping them navigate through the business and giving them insights and education on neighborhoods and styles of architecture,” Brett says. “I like encouraging people and helping guide them through the process. Hopefully, they learn something along the way they can use later. 


The results of Brett’s work are remarkable. In fact, his career volume stands slightly over $100 million, including about $8.9 million in 2021.


Rewarding Life 

This year, away from work, Brett hopes to spend more time with his family in the Midwest, particularly with his great-niece, Amaya, and great-nephew, Ethan. 


In his free time, he enjoys a quiet, low-key life, including time with his two dogs, Rufus and Rudy. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends, as well as exploring new restau- rants in the city. He also has a passion for the written word. In fact, he is writing a series of essays that he plans to publish.


When it comes to giving back, Brett supports organizations such as the House of Tulip, which provides transgender community support, Son of a Saint, and Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), along with Take Paws Rescue and Anna’s Place. Each day, Brett continually gives and receives inspiration from the people on his team. 


“One of the things that keeps me inspired in this business is seeing newer agents … watch- ing them and seeing their posts and interacting with them. I have great relationships with all of them,” Brett says. “I take great pride in their accomplishments for the things they’re doing. I think that’s something that is constantly out there … learning from each other and applauding each other’s attributes.” 




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