Adrienne LaBauve attends Dinner with Deb Elam

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On the eve of International Women’s Day, Adrienne LaBauve attended Dining with Deb at the Hyatt Regency with special guest and New Orleanian Cokie Roberts.

Developed by Deborah Augustine Elam, a retired President of the GE Foundation and now President and CEO of the Corporate Playbook, Dining with Deb is a dining experience that brings together professional women deliberately crossing racial, religious and political barriers, driving meaningful connections and conversations. Each dinner will have content that shares leadership lessons and provides vehicles for connections amongst participants. While today relationships are often built via a LinkedIn conversation or email, Dining with Deb encourages women to turn off their phones, unplug their laptops and block out time in their schedule, to be present for each other. In a world of continued wag gaps, ongoing lack of female representation in a leadership and historic silenced treatment, women must come together.

Dining with Deb-Madeline Landrieu, Cokie Roberts, Maddy Devine & Adrienne LaBauve
Madeline Landrieu, Cokie Roberts, Maddy Devine & Adrienne LaBauve

Adrienne found this event to be inspirational and motivational and as one of the owners of the Witry Collective she will strive to incorporate three characteristics into her leadership style: evolving culture, vision and being present for the team.







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