WC team at Inman Connect-Day 1

WC team at Inman Connect-Day 1
Emma Schluntz, Alison Cherenek and Katie Witry are in San Francisco at the Inman Connect Conference. Here are there takeaways from Day One.
Inman Conference Day One #1 takeaways
Indie Brokerage/10 trends in real estate
1. Economy
2. Relationship – our super power
3. Vanilla is out – clear culture
4. Fear based demands – Β low inventory
5. Commission Compression- pressure to cut fees- slightly lower. Scalability- how to benefit the consumer. More thoughtful agents and more refined
6. No inventory- fighting for feasibility
7. The ibuyer- so much money behind this concept (opendoor, purplebricks) indy brokers do not have funds to fight this. VC money and it will be normalized. Easy way to dispose of a house
8. Big get bigger, how do bigger companies Β (retaining agents) 18-24 months Math always wins
9. Mergers and acquisitions (successions plans)
10. Rethink the office space

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