Ali Cherenek


Ali graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2000, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Environmental Studies. She lived and worked in New Orleans for 12 years before opening a small business in the Garden District. She relocated after Katrina and was drawn to the real estate business through her experience buying, selling, and renovating properties in several cities over the past decade. She is fascinated by the diversity of jobs within the industry and understands the value of the consumer’s experience at each stage of the process.

Ali joined Witry Collective in December 2017 as a real estate associate, working in various administrative and human resource roles and offering an array of support to the growing company. In August 2019, she obtained her real estate license in the State of Louisiana and continues to grow in her role within the firm. She operates as a transaction coordinator, focusing on customer service, administrative tasks, property research, and client experience to ensure that all transactions progress smoothly, paperwork is complete, and deadlines are met. Furthermore, she assists with marketing and advertising for Witry Collective listings, collaborating with various media outlets both locally and nationally.

Ali loves the New Orleans community and is inspired by her colleagues’ hard work, dedication, and outstanding customer service. She believes all strong businesses are built on a solid foundation of support and is proud to be part of Witry Collective’s infrastructure. Additionally, Ali remains passionate about the environment and is interested in exploring its impact on local communities and the real estate market.

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