Ali Cherenek

As long as Ali can remember, she has been passionate about understanding the connection between individuals and their environments. After graduating from Loyola University where she majored in sociology and minored in environmental studies, she went on to study massage therapy and yoga. With an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in various health and wellness modalities, she opened a small business in the Garden District of New Orleans where she lived before relocating after Hurricane Katrina.

Ali has bought, sold and renovated properties in several cities across the United States over the past 12 years and, in the process, she fell in love with the real estate business. She feels deeply rooted to its fundamental purpose of helping individuals and families connect to their communities through homeownership. She is fascinated by the diversity of jobs within the industry and understands the value of the consumer’s experience. Ali approached the opportunity to join the Witry Collective as a real estate associate with enthusiasm. She believes that all strong businesses have a solid foundation and she is dedicated to forming the processes that support her colleagues. Above all, Ali strives to make a positive impact on every client’s experience. Currently, she is in the process of obtaining her real estate license and is interested in sustainable home design and building practices.


Contact Information

Ali Cherenek
Cell: (917) 232-1178
Office: (504) 291-2022