Katie Witry is an Honoree chosen for 2018 ‘Excellence in Construction and Real Estate’ class

Katie Witry is an Honoree chosen for 2018 ‘Excellence in Construction and Real Estate’ class

Katie Witry


Katie Witry learned at a young age that when running a business, a customer’s experience should be a core value of the company.

Both of her parents were small business owners and operators of their companies. Joe Witry was a printer, and the first to place artwork and holograms on NFL football tickets.

Sharon Witry, her mother, was known as one the best interior designers in south Florida.

Witry grew up working in Chicago-area warehouses folding season tickets as they came off the printing press and attending weekly sales meetings with her father. She accompanied her mother while visiting clients’ houses and later in the showroom and workroom where their drapes were made.

Witry worked in the nonprofit sector in New Orleans until 2004 when she decided to transition into real estate. She quickly learned the importance of fully supporting her clients throughout their housing purchase or sale.

Witry was part of a local firm for 14 years until January, when she opened a brokerage called the Witry Collective with three partners she has collaborated with for over a decade.

Real estate is a relationship business, and the connections she has built with her clients, vendors and the general public are what drive her to succeed. Witry wants to create a legacy company not only for the five generations currently in the local market-place, but for the generations to come.

“We are a mission-driven company that is focused on creating community and equity within our vibrant historic neighborhoods,” she said.

— Mark Allain

Reprinted with permission from New Orleans City Business. Copyright©2018. All rights reserved.

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